In geometry, the Fermat point of a triangle, also called the Torricelli point or Fermat-Torricelli point, is a point such that the total distance from the three vertices of the triangle to the point is the minimum possible.

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Michele Di Brigida
Founder / Lead Developer / Strategist

Michele Di Brigida

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Michele is capable of generating a comprehensive development plan and coordinating even large teams. Always curious and fascinated by all things technology, he is able to span different areas to provide a ready response. You will most likely meet him in the meeting.

Valeria Carpentieri
Co-founder / Creative / Socials

Valeria Carpentieri

Valeria is primarily responsible in the area of graphics and design. She also handles all aspects of effective communication on any media. If you end up with something that looks amazing, it's because she said so.

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